I am what I am. I started blogging on an impulse, and am pretty sure I will stop that way. without notice, without planning..just impulsively. I write not because I ‘like’ to write, per se..but just to vent out my emotions, mood, frustrations, happiness, desperation at any given time. So true to the title, this surely is my “Punching bag”!

The posts also occasionally refer to an alphabet S. He is my batchmate->walking partner->friend->boyfriend->husband. To that end, this blog is my space, with my thoughts (more often, my rants) .. I hope you will have fun reading.

PS: All photos on this blog are under my copyright and belong to me (unless stated otherwise). So, please do not use them as your own. If you want to use them somewhere, please ask me first! I am nice most of the times and will let you use them πŸ˜›


2 Responses to About

  1. Punching bag, I love the way you write and I’d like to blogroll you. Is that okay? πŸ™‚

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