On marriage..

It is amazing how many different paths life can take. How many different sets of people one can meet on any of these paths. And I will always be glad and thankful that I chose my grad-school as my grad school, after being so close to choosing another school. And I am equally glad S chose the same school after listening to his adviser who was pressurizing him to come to the US. And I am so glad our paths crossed. 3 years back, on this exact day, we sat at the dining table at S’s home in Kolkata and signed some paper that bound us legally.
I was not sure whether to even write about this on the blog. Our marriage anniversary is used mostly just as another excuse to celebrate. Before we got married, I was a bit skeptical about this whole marriage concept. The act of signing some papers and being legally bound somehow felt unnecessary to me (and I think to S as well). I always feel that if I didn’t have my near and dear ones to answer to, I would have preferred a live in relationship (And even though my mom agrees to my logic behind live in relationships, I am pretty sure she would not have been comfortable with that arrangement). It somehow seems more sincere to me. You stay with each other just because you want to stay with each other. There is no added legal bond binding two people together. That does not, in any way mean being married is insincere. But I feel marriage is meant more for the sake of the society and the acceptance of your relationship by the society. But then, how much is this societal acceptance even necessary? I wonder and I am yet to find an answer to this! Anyway, celebrating the marriage day, a day meant mostly as an assurance for the society seems strange to me. But then, if it had not been for this marriage, it would have been difficult for both of us to be together. We might have even stayed together without getting married, but then in today’s society being married is a lot easier than being in a live in relationship, howmuchever sincere and strong your relationship might be.

Marriage or no marriage, I am just glad S is a part of my life. With that, I raise my glass to toastΒ – May our silliness and the laughs never end, may our arguments never end, may we finally fill the empty photo-frames in the living room with our photos (because it is driving me nuts to see them empty for 3 years!!), may the companionship and friendship last forever and may both of us continue growing as individuals, together. cheers!

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6 Responses to On marriage..

  1. My Era says:

    Congratulations on completing three years of married life πŸ™‚

  2. nightflier says:

    your post makes me feel good.
    Cheers to you and S and wish you most wonderfulness in life together!

  3. That was such a sweet post!

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