Why are starts so hyped? I mean, why do we have to start a good thing on something like say new years? Why wait for that particular day? I was amused yesterday when I went to my company gym (for the first time this year) and saw so many new faces. There were of course, the regulars too, but I was just amazed to see the gym packed full. Though this is not surprising, we do see a lot of people make many resolutions and some stick to it and most of them let go of them. But I am pretty sure, whoever stick to it, would have stuck to it even if they had taken those resolutions at a time say earlier than Jan 1st. I almost never do new year resolutions. Mainly because they overwhelm me, and I do not like getting overwhelmed. I rarely like to challenge myself in the areas I don’t feel deserve that much attention. I value my carefree way of living a lot and though I am told I need a little bit more self discipline, personally I feel I do pretty well with whatever discipline I have! And also, I do make resolutions at random times and stick to them most often than not. And the basis I make resolutions at random times is because at those times, something goes off in my mind which makes me feel that I should be doing that particular thing. Now, chances are less that I would be getting many such triggers on new years eve to do many such things, hence, staying away from new year resolutions. But I do wish to list some of the things that I decided upon and have stuck to it for many years now.

1) Like stated in this post, getting over my anger. One of my proudest and most important achievements.

2) Being more content and reducing the “wants” in life. Again, one of the major contributors to my peace. I am not sure the exact time when I decided I wanted to do this, but it was more of a gradual process in reducing my wants. But definitely a conscious one.

3) Photography. This is a hobby that I took up out of sheer desperation, when I realized that I had no sustained hobby. I don’t think “reading” counts as a hobby, because everyone must read!! Food for the brain. And even though I enjoy photography immensely, it takes quite some effort to actively pursue it, improve upon it and practice it. When I was in school/college, I used to paint and I let go of that “liking” out of sheer laziness.

4) Cooking often at home. This “resolution” has not been voluntary to start with and stemmed from the fact that my mom made me promise that I would create interest in cooking. And what started off as a threat by mom, has turned into a habit now. S and I cook at home for most of the days and the benefits of eating at home are countless, if you ask me. And though I don’t “like” to cook per se, I no longer dread it. And sometimes even enjoy cooking a particular recipe!

5) Be more sincere. In whatever I say, do, hear. I guess I was always pretty sincere in my acts (as in, I rarely tried to fit in anywhere, rarely said things I did not mean etc), but these days, that need has intensified. I almost never say things I don’t mean. This means, I have become a lot quieter than my hay-days, because you gotta keep quiet to avoid speaking something that you might later regret. These days, I no longer feel the need to prove myself right or to prove a particular point. Someone who has known me for a long time has told me that I have become very detached from things around me. Which is true, in a way. Things around me interest me, make me think and talk about them, but I do not feel “involved” in them.

6) Keep health as one of the priorities at ALL times. Whether in happiness, depression, however busy life gets, one can ALWAYS make healthy choices.

PS: I have another post in the drafts which deals with many “ends”. The ending of so many lives in the Newtown shooting and the tragic end of life of the brave Delhi girl. I wrote about it, but I just did not have the heart to post it. All I can say is that their near and dear ones find the courage to deal with the loss. And that India becomes safe for women. (more on this in another post)

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7 Responses to Starts…

  1. I make similar resolutions all year!! To be more organised, to try to improve upon my terrible absent mindedness…
    I never thought of ‘not trying to fit in’ as honesty, but you are right, not being ourselves is dishonest.

  2. I have made one resolution that is to be a good human being..

    have made resolutions earlier but they somehow dont happen.. All the best with urs πŸ™‚

  3. nightflier says:

    I remember talking about 3 with you! I really hope it goes on because you are one of the great photographers I personally know πŸ™‚
    Also about 5 I am a bit ambivalent. As in I want to be sincere and try really hard at times. But sometimes it ends up being a conflict. (Like at work if I am not feeling really sincere, it isnt really allowed :-/) Anywho, props to your long kept resolutions πŸ™‚
    Happy new year (belated!)

  4. Point number 5 : This is an understatement that you were sincere previously.
    I can ‘attach’ myself to the point raised by you that you are more detached to things around you.
    Point number 6: Second this point absolutely…..

    Overall an amazing post for starts. Don’t remember though when was the last time I made a resolution and stuck through it.

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