Random bullets your way!

I wanted to write many posts in the past couple of weeks because I did have a lot to write. But then, as always, when I get overwhelmed (in this case, with excess blog material) I generally cannot do anything. And that is what happened. Hence, a random post of bullet points!

* My birthday weekend was spent gloriously and may I add a bit too extravagantly this year. Not that I am complaining. But S and I generally do not do extravagant things. Neither do we gift each other extravagant stuff. Hence, a Mac book as a birthday gift surprised the heck out of me! S had told me to guess 5 things when I pestered him with what he was planning to gift me and I had guessed stuff like camera accessories, books, stuffed toys and something else, which I cannot mention on the blog ;). And a couple of days before the birthday when the package arrived, I had still not guessed that it would be a Mac looking at the package. Because I had a laptop already which was not that old. It was only when I tore open the outer cover and saw hints of white packaging and an apple on the inside package that it dawned upon me! I started jumping up and down even when the package was not completely open and S had a ball looking at my delighted expression! The joys of opening presents!!

* S and I are not apple people. By that I mean, we are not crazy about the apple products. And the Mac is probably the only apple product that I wanted very badly since a very long time (mainly for my photography stuff). I do have the ipod and iphone but both these things were not bought by me. I won the ipod at my previous company’s Christmas gift exchange and iPhone was procured because it came free when the S got his iPhone. And I would probably not use the iPad even if someone were to give it to me free. I had got a feeling that S was going to get me the iPad and had told him not to buy it for me because it seriously would be redundant for my purpose. He could always buy it for himself, but I do not think of any scenario where I could see myself using the iPad.

* As with everything we have, we christened the Mac as Micky. We give funny names to everything ranging from keychains to each other. Our keychain is a very cute owl with a yellow beak and we call it yowlie. Each of the soft toy that we have has a definitive name and characteristics. And not only that we have so many nick names for each other, that I hardly remember S calling me by my actual name. And I very rarely call him by his actual name.

* Birthday weekend (yes, I cannot stop talking about it :P) was spent in Santa Barbara. We took the friday off and drove there for the weekend. It was an awesome short vacation with lot of relaxing, walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, eating awesome food and lots of sleeping. We were also on a vacation just the two of us alone after a long time! And after some tough months that were endured, this vacation was so much-needed. And though some of the problems don’t seem to go away, the relaxing  made me better equipped to deal with them (and at times ignore them).

* Last week a group mate of mine asked me if I had any food photographs which she could print for her new kitchen. She recently bought a house and is in the process of decorating it! And I really didn’t have a lot of food related pics in my photo stream. So I told her that I would take some pics for her over the weekend. Hence, this weekend I spent the saturday morning photographing the farmers’ market produce that we purchased. I had really forgotten how much fun taking photos is! Past few months I had packed in my camera because I was in no mood to take photos. Anyway, it turned out to be a nice session and I was pretty satisfied with the outcome. And my group mate loved all the pics :). I made a collage out of the pics I took for her and was really happy with the way it turned out.

All things nice!

All things nice!!

* There are times when I purchase something just because I want to take a photo of it or use it as a prop in some photo. But I have a proof that I did use all the vegetables that we got. One way was in the form of a salad. I am generally not a salad person and prefer salads only if they are flavorful (I feel most salads are not!). Last week I had a salad in our office cafeteria and absolutely loved it. I tried to re-create the taste yesterday at home. The result was a really yummy, healthy and colorful salad. Here is the recipe:


– lemon juice of 2 Meyer lemons.

– lemon zest of 2 lemons. (zest the lemons first, and then juice them!)

– 1 ts olive oil

– salt+pepper

– maple syrup/agave nectar/honey (use either one)


– baby lettuce mix

-sun flower seed sprouts (something new we tried from the farmers market) Can use regular sprouts too.

-half onion cut in rings

-5-6 baby tomatoes cut in half

-some walnuts

-some raisins

Mix the dressing thoroughly in a small bowl and pour over the salad mix. Mix well and eat immediately. I loved the fresh tangy-sweet flavors. I will surely be making this often now! Had the salad with some veggie fried rice which S prepared. Was a super filling meal.

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14 Responses to Random bullets your way!

  1. Congratulations on the Mac Book 🙂 And I also do a lot of stuff just to take good pictures 🙂 Loved the salad – hope to try it too.

  2. So you are Pisces or Aries?

  3. My Era says:

    Wow! well that was indeed a happening birthday 😀
    Congratulations on the new Mac and I absolutely loved the pictures…very fresh and colorful 😀

  4. nightflier says:

    congrats on the mac 🙂
    And I am going to try that salad! sure sounds yummy 😀

  5. Snita says:

    Nice…. !!! loved the freshness in the photographs….
    hope u loving th MAc!

  6. Rekha says:

    Got hold of your blog yesterday through some other blog…And saw your flickr stream also…Amazing pictures…Enjoyed many of your pictures, especially the ones on waterfalls..How do you get that “flowing- watery” effect? Software editing or is it the original?
    Reading your blogs right now…Some are really nice…Keep the good work going.

    • Thanks Rekha, and welcome here.
      Those ‘flowing watery effect’ are done by using a longer exposure on camera. They are not edited to get the effect 🙂

      • Rekha says:

        I see…Recently, I have been reading photography tutorials as well…So, I get to understand what “longer exposure” means…Nice shots….Surely will try it out, may be not with waterfall, because there is no waterfall I can get hold of, atleast in the recent future 🙂

      • cool! you can try on tap water or fountains, to start with, if waterfall access is difficult 🙂

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