Definitely indefinite

Somehow, vague things always fascinate me. I love it when things are left to individual perceptions. I love un-defined relationships, bonds that do not fall in any particular category, people who are not bound to you by particular definitions set by the society, movies where the end is left up to the viewers.  No man’s land as a concept has always wowed me. Maybe because there are just so many definitions and moulds around us and most of the times we as humans tend to put everything around us in those moulds and definitions. We are constantly trying to put ownership on things around us. Maybe it is not as severe as stereotyping, but consciously and subconsciously we do compare everything with pre-defined specifications. The ones set by others and sometimes the ones set by us in our mind. And hence, the fascination for something which somehow does not fit in any particular mould. The one whose interpretation might vary from time to time depending on the state of mind, maybe.

Signing off on a vague note ;). A picture post coming next!

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11 Responses to Definitely indefinite

  1. oh there you go making me feel complicated *and justified* again 🙂

  2. My Era says:

    Thank you for making me smile, for I too have thought on the similar lines often 😀 😀

  3. nightflier says:

    I am not very mould-y 😀 though I am always trying to belong..
    so like Upasna says thanks for making me feel complicated 🙂

    • hehe..I was laughing at you not being mouldy (the other definition) 😀
      And again, why are you girls feeling complicated by this? though there is absolutely no harm in feeling that way! 😛

      • nightflier says:

        complicated as in somewhere definitions simplify things no ?
        instead us lot settle for undefined territories 🙂
        and moldy-mouldy, same difference na ? 😀

  4. oh! definitely. I too like the “undefined” relationships and things which are in between. There is a certain charm and mystery to it … adds excitement too!

    ∞ © ∞

  5. Never gave it a thought but maybe there is a hint of defiance in liking things which are not definite… gives one freedom to interpret as one chooses to.

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