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How much of “wanting” is too much “wanting”? All of us are constantly wanting something. Be it as small as wanting a chocolate chip cookie or something huge like wanting to have a house of your own. I just wonder, … Continue reading

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Random bullets your way!

I wanted to write many posts in the past couple of weeks because I did have a lot to write. But then, as always, when I get overwhelmed (in this case, with excess blog material) I generally cannot do anything. … Continue reading

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Definitely indefinite

Somehow, vague things always fascinate me. I love it when things are left to individual perceptions. I love un-defined relationships, bonds that do not fall in any particular category, people who are not bound to you by particular definitions set … Continue reading

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An advance birthday wish

Enough. Of worrying about things that are not in my hands. That, my friends, is my advance birthday wish. I have been just immensely down for the past few months (which is a little bit evident from the posts) and … Continue reading

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