A tag!

Because I am in a pretty morose state of mind (still) and have nothing cheery or enlightening to say, I will take up this tag which was given to me few weeks back and say 7 meaningless and equally un-enlightening things about myself:

1) I don’t really prefer being fussed over by people, but it is completely opposite when it comes to mom and the husband. I love it when they fuss over me, treat me like a baby and pamper me 🙂

2) I would have liked it if I was more social, friendly and warm. I am aware that at first I come across as a snob, but then once I am in the comfort zone with the person, I totally hit it off. I wish so many times that I was much warmer and approachable person.

3) The quickest way to feel energized after a stressful day is to stand in the patio, bare foot, feeling the cool-cold wooden floor and feeling the chilly breeze against my face. Bliss! Another reason why a patio/balcony is an absolute must in the apartment. I think I will find it pretty depressing to live in an apartment that does not have a patio.

4) I sometimes feel I was an ant in my last life. And that I died by suffocation. (told ya..I am in a morose mood!)

5) one of my biggest fears is being bound. Be it in thoughts or being physically bound. Not able to move. Among whatever dreams I remember when I wake up, about 80% of them involve me trying to escape something, and trying to break free from something. It freaks me out at times that I hardly get any happy dreams.

6) I have been told that I give pretty good advice to distressed souls. Such moments are my 15 seconds of feeling wise!

7) I have a thing for long aquiline noses. Last week, one of my group mates was visiting from Prague and he had the most amazing nose ever! He looked as if he walked in the room straight from the sets of a Hollywood movie. I spent most of my time last week telling the husband how cute that guy from Prague is, and the husband pulling my leg over it 🙂

I leave this tag free for taking up by anyone who feels like it!

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4 Responses to A tag!

  1. My era says:

    Wow @ #6
    Loved knowing you a bit better 😀

  2. Sarah says:

    O.M.G! U’re so like me. Although my blog would make me appear so mature, but really I’m amused with the coincidence! Hi-Fi! 🙂

  3. Awww! I think being Blogging buddies should help. I would NEVER think you are a snob!!!

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

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