Me, myself and Nature (photo heavy post!)

I am a very “alone” type of person. By that I mean, I enjoy my own company immensely. And most of the times do not have any issues being alone for few days. I do not feel lonely when I am alone. That does not mean I hate company or I am anti/a-social. These past weekends were filled with a lot of good company, get togethers with friends and lot of laughter. Which I did enjoy immensely. And so, when S said he had to go to India for a 1 week emergency trip ( 😦  Missing him terribly! ), I thought it would be the perfect time to spend time in my company.

With that, I decided to go to one of the beaches in Santa Cruz to take some photos and in general chill out on the beach. I had earlier thought of hitting the malls with a girlfriend, but then somehow the act of shopping puts me off. I think I should stop trying to like shopping. That ain’t gonna happen. And I am glad I chose the beach over the mall. It turned out to be an awesome evening! I spent about 4 hours by myself, alone, peaceful, thoughtful on the beach. Observing nature, people and 2 very energetic dogs. It was an added benefit that the beach was not crowded. I took some shots, walked on the beach on the damp sand and then settled myself on the sand waiting for the sun to go down a bit so that I could get the light I wanted for the shot. While I sat, I munched on an orange and a nutribar and marveled at how awesome nature is. Sometimes I wish I was in a profession related to nature. Like a forest ranger or something. That is one of the reasons why I enjoy photography so much. It takes me closer to nature and makes me appreciate the different moods of it. Anyways, I digress.

So, on this beach, on one side it was very rocky and being a windy day, the waves were crashing on the rocks furiously. Crashing and then rising higher than the rocks to crash on them again. It looked dangerous and magnificent at the same time. And, on the other side of the beach, there were no rocks and the waves were just silent lapping on the beach, and smoothly gliding back, leaving a trail of silky lines on the sand. These waves looked so peaceful, so laid-back and melancholy. Such contrast against the waves on the other side which were beating against the rocks, with such purpose and conviction. This contrast mesmerized me. And I remembered a saying I had read about  2 years back on my trip to Alaska. It remains by far one my favorite lines:

That Wonderful World of high mountains,
Dazzling in their rock and ice,
Acts as a catalyst.
It suggests the Infinite,
But it is not infinite.
The heights only give us what we ourselves bring them!!
-Lucien Devies.

And though there were no mountains around the beach, the vastness of the water, the empty space surrounding me, the unending blue skies and those perilous rocks somehow made me think of these lines. I felt peaceful. At home.

Some snaps I took that day:

Rendezvous with the waves

Friends Forever

After Sunset

Last light

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14 Responses to Me, myself and Nature (photo heavy post!)

  1. nightflier says:

    wow!!! you have captured nature so well, that words fail me!!!
    so I will ramble about the other part..being with yourself. I used to think that I would not get along so well with myself, but guess what I love ‘having my own time’. The days when I dont get myself time are the most exhausting for me!

    and on another note, without your permission I have put the moony falls wala pic as my desktop background at work. Makes me dream and travel at the same time 😀

  2. Snita says:

    Awesomely awesome pictures!!!!!! You are one of the friends who displays the passion in the pcitures they take!!! And to the point of liking ones own company.. talk about it.. i love it these days!!! thats how i relax and like it!!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful shots.. Loved all of them..

  4. Gayatri says:

    Wow! These photos are amazing! You know I was never an “alone” person. But after marriage (because of husband’s travels) I’ve become one. And surprisingly, I quite like my own company.

  5. Pepper says:

    I was never an “alone” person and now, living in this country has made me one. I’ve been forced to spend time by myself, and surprisingly, I truly enjoy it.

    I am a fan of your photography. Wasn’t it too cold to be on the beach ?

  6. There is nothing better than your own company.. I love being on my own! My sister is the exact opposite. She HAS to have people around her all the time!
    You are a brilliant photographer! I love these shots!

  7. Calvin says:

    Wow. lovely set of pictures. Every time I come here, I remind myself to learn photography, and then over time go back into my normal work schedule. Whats the best way to begin?

    • thanks much 🙂
      Best way to begin is to just take your camera, go out and take pictures. Then later, load them and see what different you could have done to improve the shots! And yes, if you have manual settings camera, it is helpful to get acquainted with all the features and setting on the camera. Going through the camera manual is informative.

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