Fall is (almost) in the air!!!

I certainly feel like singing fall is in the air! but I will wait for a few more days for fall to really set it. This is generally my favorite part of the year .. weather-wise, at least. While summer does give one a lot of scope for outdoor stuff like hiking and swimming and running, me being a natural couch potato, I prefer just plonking my bottom on the couch and staying put. Yes sir, that’s me! Though, I must add that I have been training rigorously (well ok, forget the rigorously part) for a backpacking trip I will be taking with S and few of my friends. Where, you ask? Well, we all will be heading to Grand Canyon. And because the hike is pretty strenuous (11 miles each way, which involves actually climbing down/up into the canyon), and I will be carrying my camping gear to make things worse, I just want to ensure I don’t faint of exhaustion mid way, and hence the training routine. I should also mention (blow my own trumpet) that I have been doing a pretty difficult hike (it involves climbing a mountain, all the way up to the summit) here in the bay area for the past 2 weekends and I must say, I am impressed with myself 😉 (considering the fact that when last year I had attempted this very hike, I had given up midway).

Anyways, as I was saying fall is my favorite season. I somehow find it to be very romantic. Not because of plonking on couch but because it feels very nice when the trees shed their leaves and when we go for a walk amidst these falling leaves… reminds me of Mohabbatein (the movie).. Didnt it have something to do with leaves? I vaguely remember. Anyways, it does remind me of the movie, hence the romance factor? Which is weird because I don’t find the movie romantic at all. Anyways, staying on the east coast, fall has been a major part of my life. Unlike most of the people, I generally do not dread winter and snow. And hence I find fall even more appealing. I am not sure now, how the CA fall will be (or if there will be fall, at all). But I might have to make my peace with 2-3 leaves falling down and call it fall! Ok, just kidding. The trees might not change color to pretty yellow, red and orange (like in case of east coast), but I am pretty sure they will shed leaves. Add to the falling leaves heavenly spiced Starbucks coffee, cool weather, cuddly sweaters and scarves .. And I am already in bliss!

Another thing I love about the cold weather is that I can enjoy eating/drinking soups! Soups are one of my favorite things and I think I can really survive on them for all my meals. I did get a bit carried away and cooked up a soup few weeks back, but it was still sweltering hot and hence the soup was not all that enjoyable. (switching on the AC to full blast, just so that we can enjoy our soup didn’t help much) 😉 . I did take pictures of the soup, and might post the recipe if I gather the enthusiasm 🙂

Plus, a lot of festivals fall in fall (a funny/wrong sentence construction?). Thanksgiving, diwali, halloween, navratri. And though I am not high on celebrating festivals, having a ‘festive spirit’ in the air really cheers me up quite a bit. Plus, this also means added get-togethers, potlucks and outings with friends. So, it is a fun time :). Add to this few days off at work, and I am a happy person!

Anways, I will continue dreaming about fall on this lazy friday afternoon. You guys be good and enjoy the weekend 🙂

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12 Responses to Fall is (almost) in the air!!!

  1. thank goodness i am subscribed to the crayola newsletter, or i may have never learned what “diwali” is

  2. nightflier says:

    WOW on that hike training part! and blowing your own trumpet or not, it feels good to document such positive stuff. 😛
    I love winters too. (well my birthday falls in winter so :P) also, I feel weird saying this but I will miss fall too, here in India..thats magical, the color changes and the falling leaves! iLove!

  3. Tanvi says:

    I love fall too … specially for the colors as your said … some how we dont get these colors in India, na? 🙂 … Also, I like sipping on Hot Chocolate in this season.

    P.S. Neha, I have bookmarked your blog and that’s how I visit it … please join Bloglovin’ or Twitter or something, so that I know you posted? 🙂

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  4. Calvin says:

    BTW, off the topic – are there any advantages of wordpress over blogger?

    • I like the replying to comments format of wordpress. Plus, somehow I can post fotos in bigger formats here. in blogspot they always shrink to a smaller size even if i chose a big format 😀

  5. Gayatri says:

    With that kind of training, you deserve to blow your own trumpet! Have fun. I’m sure it’ll be a really fun hike. And I’m going to focus on only the good things this fall/winter so hopefully by next year even I can say, “I love fall!”

  6. Pepper says:

    I love fall too, though unfortunately you don’t experience the same colour change in CA. For training, have you considered Mission Peak in Fremont?

    • Mission Peak is the one I was referring to in the post about climbing it every weekend all the way through 😀
      Do you go there too? We might have crossed ways huffing n puffing up to it 🙂

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