Random stuff

-> I am losing my mind, i think. Or losing whatever remains of my mind. Just today, I came to work, and took the elevator to go to my 3rd floor office. Yes, I am lazy, and cannot climb 3 flights of stairs. In case you ask. So I went in the elevator, and stood there for like 3-4 minutes, after which I started wondering why I am not reaching the 3rd floor. Only to realize I had not pressed the button. So, all this while, I was just dumbly standing in the stationary elevator. I was amused enough at this, to write a post! So, you can image the level of amusement, considering I need tremendous motivation to write something here πŸ˜€

-> Why is being opinionated supposedly considered fashion today? Erm, ok.. So, I don’t have any opinions about the Lokpal bill. So what. I mean sure the existence of the bill “seems” better than the lack of it. But I fail to share the excitement of my fellow Indians (who might snigger at me and think..what does she know.. we have been out here, participating in this revolution, making a difference and also, making a mess of the Ramlila maidan). Well, you can snigger all you can, but I do not care about comparisons of patriotism (I have seen such comments/opinions). And certainly not with people who deem it important to make these comparisons, based on what you think of the bill. The only thing that actually got me interested about this whole thing was the integrity and determination of Anna Hazare’s fast. I mean it takes guts to go without food for this long. Totally respect him! Other than that, fiery facebook/twitter messages, opinions… I think they made me yawn and put me to sleep faster than Alchemist (the book) did.

-> I think I am turning neutral. I can (most of the times) keep my prejudices aside and think. A good thing, I feel. I am consciously trying not be fiercely opinionated. I mean I do have opinions, and do voice them, but I have no qualms analyzing the other side and changing my opinion. I think a few strands of white hair does this to you.

-> Almost everyday, I have lunch with my group mates, but about once a week, the husband and I have lunch together, mostly at his workplace. And hence, I invariably end up eating with his work buddies (some of whom are my grad school friends) and manager. There is this Czech guy in the group, and by far, he is the most naturally funny guy I have met. I mean I crack up just seeing him. Very cute as well. (I know, earth shattering fact that had to go on the blog)

-> I think I am the only person around who has not yet seen Delhi belly and Zindagi na milegi dobara. Strangely, I don’t feel like seeing them too.

-> I am almost at the end of “the book thief”.. And I loved it to bits. If I get over my procrastination, I might as well write a review of it. Thanks to yamini’s blog for suggesting the book πŸ™‚

-> We saw Dumb and Dumber yesterday. I am surprised I had not seen it till now. Probably the most gross and one of the funniest movies I have seen recently. Unfortunate that I saw it while having my dinner 😦 .

-> Did I mention that the husband gifted me an awesome lens few weeks back? I had my eyes set on this 105mm f/2D portrait lens for months, and was skeptical about buying it because of the high cost. But I am glad the hubby made things easier ;). I love that we gift each other stuff without any occasion.

Ok, I think this much random stuff has enough soporific content for now. Till then, be good and enjoy the week and the long weekend.

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4 Responses to Random stuff

  1. nightflier says:

    1. About book thief! Glad you loved it! and the reco credit must go to Upasna’s blog actually. But nevertheless I will accept it shamelessly πŸ˜€
    2. I din’t like znmd. Haven’t seen delhi belly either! :-/
    3. If you want some light fun stuff, then do watch midnight in paris! Highly highly recommend. Very unlike other woody allen movies. As in very relatable this one was!
    4. The whole thing about JLokpal, I am in your team too! I don’t understand a lot of fuss surrounding it. Let ’em snigger. We will crack internal jokes too πŸ˜‰
    5. Oh and that turning neutral thing! I live there these days, in that territory. Not saying that things don’t affect me, but yes I am becoming a calmer person (except for bro on whom I do take out my frustrations quite openly :D)
    6. That thing in the elevator, happens with me too! But in 10-15 seconds I regain my mind πŸ˜€ Btw may sound mean but I hope it happens often so that you blog more πŸ˜›

  2. I have hated/slept at every woody allen movie. Will try this one out.
    and 10-15 secs is quick!! I am a tubelight πŸ˜€

  3. – Havent seen Delhi belly either.. dont want to see it too..
    – I thought my disinterest in the lokpal andolan was because of my postpartum blues. Nice to know that I can accept my apathy in front of someone.. πŸ™‚

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