An overdose of mush.

Just one of those days when I feel all mushy and lovey-dovey about the husband, and send him random smileys and hearts on chat. But now that he is in a meeting, and has been consistently ignoring the smileys that are popping up on his screen for the past 5 minutes, I thought I will vent the pent up mush on the blog. So, I thought I will make a list of the things I absolutely adore about the husband. They are as follows: (I know the bullets reduce the mush factor a lot, but I think it is better that way.. for the people reading this blog 😀 )

1) makes funny faces and sounds on demand. It is making me smile just thinking about it. 🙂
2) cooks half the time, and cooks well .
3) massages my hair with oil.
4) talks about stuff like how hot a particular girl looks, and after that jokes about it with me.
5) feeds me chocolates and cakes regularly 🙂
6) reaches out to hold my hand almost every time we are walking together anywhere.
7) makes breakfast and fills our tiffin.
8 ) waits for me to finish bathing so that we can have breakfast together (and scolds me when i forget to wait for him)
9) removes my hair from the drain when i forget to do it. I sincerely make efforts to remove them myself, but then I do forget at times.
10) does not complain that I am over 6 months late in giving him his bday present. (I have finished painting it, just some final touches remaining :D)

Ah well.. I will stop before my lau for him goes out of control and I end up disturbing him in his meeting.

PS. Re-reading this post just made me realise how stupid this list is sounding.. Also, I hope that the husband never reads it :D. But as far as I know he does not read blogs, so I am good.

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14 Responses to An overdose of mush.

  1. Lipsy says:

    Wow love the post…you lucky gal!!!
    Do participate in my giveaway here at

  2. Snita says:

    Feels good to see the added advantages of being married… Nice to read the post!! (Touchwood)!!

  3. Pepper says:

    Big grins on my face.. 😀

  4. nightflier says:

    🙂 🙂
    I think this is very candid stuff !! I feel the warmth after reading it 🙂

  5. Now aren’t you the spoilt one! Loved it.

  6. chandnini says:

    sweeeeeeeeeeeet 🙂

  7. Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It’s really awesome!

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